For those who love bird hunting,  Argentina is the dream place and Chaco garantees an uncomparable amount of birds. 

Dove Hunt

This hunt is one of the most exciting since the amount of birds flying blows your mind. In Chaco province, farmers are worried about doves, considered a plague that eat up to 25% of the crop. Normally, they lay two eggs four times a year, with a survival rate of approximately 90%. The number of birds in our estancia is around 20.000.000 and in the province is estimated to be more than 80.000.000.



Eared dove. (Zenaida Auriculata)


All year


Our lodge is located in a dove rush so you hunt at a walking distance, apart from that, we operate other fields that are 40 minutes away.

Excitement and adrenaline fill up your life when hunting birds


Pigeon Hunt

During this hunt, we spend the day outdoors, enjoying our traditional asado(BBQ) for lunch with plenty of salads and beverages. Pigeons are even more harmful to the crops than eared doves and they react quickly so it’s very important to camouflage and build blinds. Field assistants are skilled in making blinds with nearby trees and vegetation.


Patagioenas picazuro. The Spot-winged Pigeon


All year, best time from October to March


Fields are 40-50 minutes drive.

Strategically located, our lodges play a large part in your lifetime experience.

Partridge Hunt

This hunt is done with trained pointers and Braco dogs. It is a challenging kind of hunt which requires two talented hunters. Unlike dove or pigeon hunting, there is a limit of partridges per day per hunter. The best time for this hunt is early in the morning or in the afternoon around 5pm. The Chaco nothura inhabits subtropical and tropical brushland up to 500 m (1,600 ft) in altitude. This species is native to the chaco of northwestern, Paraguay and north central Argentina in South America.



Perdiz or partridge - Chaco nothura, species of Tinamou. (9-10 in) in length approx. Brown upper parts with streaked buff. Black streaked with buff and white throat


From May to August


A short drive will place you in the partridge country with plenty of birds. These birds are found in glasslands.

A massive amount of birds wakes you up every morning


Duck Hunt

For duck hunt, the blind is built in the water or on the shore of rivers, lakes or lagoons and it is field assistants who build it and place decoys before you get there. This program starts early in the morning before dawn with a plentiful breakfast at the lodge. Depending on the time of the year, a short drive will place you in the right position where the action starts. You will come back to the lodge for lunch and a siesta. At 3:30pm your guide and field assistants will be ready to take you to the hunting spot so you achieve numbers never thought in the States. The shotguns used for ducks are 12 or 20 gauge with 5-7 ammunition. For safety, it is very important to use the right ammunition.



Duck hunt season in Argentina is from May to August; however, paddy production is hardly damage, consequently, we have licences that allow us to hunt ducks all year around.


Alas outfitters operates fields 50 minutes away.