Who are we?

About us

We are an outfitting company experienced in making clients live unforgettable moments since our field staff are local hunters, expert in the field. Together with the field staff, there is a group of committed people that love serving guests and making them feel special.

What makes us different is our location. For years the centre of the country was thought to be the only place to hunt, however, that has changed and Chaco, Northern Argentina, became an ideal province to visit for hunting, fishing and touring.

We operate a lodge that is strategically located in a dove bush meaning that hunters will walk a few steps to their blind, shoot and enjoy the comfort of staying and hunting in the same place. Thanks to the amount of doves and convenient accommodation, Alas Outfitters ensures a superior experience.




Berenice Silberbeib


She is the founder and CEO of Alas Outfitters. Her passion for outdoor activities and hunting prompted her to start an outfitter business of her own. She is a 100% involved in operational details.  She meets customers and works hard to satisfy their needs and to help them achieve their hunting goals.

Hugo Swistoniuk

He is the guide and field manager of Alas Outfitters. He is in charge of scouting fields, his job starts long before hunters arrive and continues during their stay.

His contribution to the company is of great importance.