Here is a list of our Frequently asked questions

Weather in Chaco is usually warm and humid. The period with the lowest rainfall is between April and September and the period with the highest rainfall is from October to March.

You have to arrive to Resistencia’s city airport (airport code: RES). This airport is a domestic airport, therefore it only gets flights from other provinces. You have to fly from the US to Buenos Aires, and then connect to Resistencia. 

To enter Argentina you need a valid passport. No visa is required.

Yes, non hunters are welcome to make the trip. 

Yes, we process all hunting licenses before your arrival. 

Yes, you can bring your own gun. However we do not recommend it, there are permits that need to be filled and also fees to enter and exit with your gun to the country. Our guns are in perfect conditions for you to use. 

We have Beretta and Benelli 20 gauge.

No. You are not permitted to bring shotgun shells into Argentina.

There’s no season for hunting in Argentina! Doves available all year round and you can hunt as many as you want. We suggest coming from May to September that is our winter time.