Daniel’s biggest dream was to hunt a buffalo but he found out that he could do more than that in Argentina. He made only a 4 day trip and we made the most of them! 

On the first day, we visited a soy field where we hunted doves with a Beretta gun. Pipo, one of our field assistants, was in charge of charging the gun and picking up birds not because the hunter didn’t want to do it but because there were so many birds that he couldn’t stop shooting! 

For lunchtime, Speedy, our great cook, waited for us in the lodge with a nice appetizer and a delicious “asado” (our typical barbecue). It didn’t take long and we were back in the field hunting enjoying the rest of the afternoon until sunset. 

The second day started very early with a drive towards Charata, a small town in Chaco. We got ready for our big game hunt day. Daniel harvested an Axis deer, a black back and a mouflon. What an amazing harvest! 

The hunter being a taxidermist prefered to skin  the trophies by himself. 

The buffalo hunt was what most excited Daniel. When we arrived at the field where we started the trip, we had some time to pick up grapefruits from a tree, tell some anecdotes and Daniel tried “mate” , an Argentinian famous tea. 

Since it is easy to get lost in the native forest of Chaco, there were five locals with us. What surprised the hunter was that that adventure was on horses, he felt very comfortable riding them. On that day, traces were found but we weren’t lucky to face the buffalo. 

It was not until the last day that we found what we came for. Again on horses, we went through the roosts for some time until they were seen. There were two huge buffaloes staring at us. Daniel jumped from the horse and shot quickly to make sure the animal wouldn’t attack him first. 

Some local farmers came to the area and received meat from that hunt. 

Four days were enough to taste Argentina wingshooting and big game!